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To create authentic connections with celebrities

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Our story

Bringing you closer to your favourite big names

We are fans too. Thrillz was built by fans for fans. We were fed up of hoping that we would one day meet our favourite celebrities. We were fed up of how inauthentic social media is. We wanted direct and instant access to the people we admire. So we built Thrillz, for you - the loyal fan.

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Why we do it

Authentic and instant access. Just for you

Meeting your favourite celebrities is a life changing moment. Total freak out. Elation. Shock. But it only happens to the lucky few. We want to change this. No matter where you are based, Thrillz is the most authentic way of connecting with your favourite celebrities in a few clicks.

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They can’t stop telling their friends about us

With hundreds of five star reviews, we are thrilled to say that our customers love Thrillz. Our team love being tagged in your posts and reaction videos, it reminds us why we do what we do.

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