Who we are


Bringing you closer to your favourite big names

At Thrillz, we believe in creating lasting memories.

Our mission is to connect you with the big names you love, aspire to be, and one day hope to meet! Thrillz brings you one step closer, with the ability to buy, enjoy and share personalised video messages, filmed especially for you - the new celebrity autograph.

Our story

The new celebrity autograph.

Being connected has never been more key. We wanted to find a way of bringing joy, happiness and laughter to people’s faces within seconds.

Total elation, a complete freak out, uncontrollable laughter (or tears!) and utter shock are amongst your reactions to celebrity encounters that we are inspired by.

At Thrillz, we give talent the option of donating their earnings to charity. We always strive for the best and are constantly updating our website with new features and talent, to keep you guys inspired whatever the occasion!

The Thrillz's Team