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How To Get a Celebrity to Wish Someone a Happy Birthday
4 min read

How To Get a Celebrity to Wish Someone a Happy Birthday

4 min read
Eloise BrattJul 14, 2021

Celebrity video messages make for a unique, fun and totally covid-safe birthday gift, and what better way to connect with your favourite celebrities than through personalised video messages?!

Thrillz is where fans reach the stars in a few clicks via custom videos, live events and experiences. We create life changing moments and allow fans to personally connect with their favourite celebrities.

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The virtual gifting market is taking the world by storm. With the pandemic delaying any chance of in-person concerts, shows or events, celebrities and fans have turned to the one place that despite the pandemic, has thrived... the internet.

With that being said, here are our...

5 Steps to Booking a Celebrity Video Message:

Step 1: Browse/ Select a Celebrity

The first thing you will see on the homepage of the Thrillz website is the huge variety and number of celebrities allocated into different categories. Browse through the different categories on the homepage by clicking the arrow to manoeuvre your way through each one or click 'see all' to view all celebrities.

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Another way to search celebrities on Thrillz is to simply use the search bar along the top if you are looking for someone in particular.

Copy of deets

Step 2: Select a Package

Celebrities on Thrillz have different 'packages' to select from. The most popular choice is the shoutouts package which consists of a short personalised video message.


Other services include Business bookings, zoom calls and others depending on which packages the chosen star offers. Select whichever package best suits your needs.


Step 3: Enter Your Information

This is the important section of the booking process - your booking details!

Firstly, tell us who the video is for - you or your loved ones? Names will help the star when it comes to recording their message.


Next, give us a little more information and tell us what the occasion is - We have listed our most common occasions for a celebrity video message, but if the occasion you are looking for is not listed, simply click 'other occasion' and tell us what it is - if the video is not for any occasion in particular then select 'just because' from the drop down list.


The next box is the important one - where you tell the celebrity your instructions for the video! This is where you input the info of what you want the celebrity to say in their video, entering any important details here about who the video is for will really help the celebrity to fully understand who the recipient is so make sure to mention any important info you might want them to say.


The final box on this page is where you tell us how you heard about us? Was it through the celebrities' Instagram page? Or maybe it was from your Google search engine? How ever you found out about Thrillz, tell us here!


Step 4: Sign up!

The penultimate step to completing your booking is creating an account with us! You can register using your email address, or sign up with Google or Facebook!

Create an account

Used Thrillz before? This is also where you can sign in to your existing account.

Once your account has been created you can keep track of any orders in your dashboard! You can also keep up to date with any news and get the latest discounts exclusive for Thrillz members! Don't say we don't spoil you!

Step 5: Payment Details

The last step to booking your video message is to enter your payment info, you can choose to pay by debit/ credit card or PayPal.

Don't worry - we will only take a temporary hold for the total amount of the booking and only once the order has been completed by the celebrity will we then complete the payment!

This is so that if for some reason the celebrity does not complete the order, your money can quickly be released back to you!

Payment Details

And that's it! Connecting with your favourite stars really has never been simpler, easier... and faster! Once your video request has gone through, the celebrity will be notified via the Thrillz talent app, and they then have seven days to complete your booking.

Don't forget to keep track of your orders on the 'Pending Orders' page in your dashboard. We will also notify you via text, email and in your dashboard once the celebrity has completed your video.

When you receive your amazing video you can then download or share it with your loved ones and even on your social media platforms! Be sure to leave reviews on your completed orders so the celebrity (and us) know how much you loved the service!

Ready to get started? Click here to get your celebrity video now!

Eloise Bratt
Eloise BrattContent Creator
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