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Top 6 Ways to Use Thrillz Business
3 min read

Top 6 Ways to Use Thrillz Business

3 min read
Naida AllenFeb 16, 2022

Here are 6 reasons why our clients love using Thrillz Business and how they've incorporated it into their brand strategy.

1. Employee shout-out

Clients from large firms and organisations enjoy spoiling their busy bees. That’s why they use Thrillz Business to get a personalised shout-out to surprise them! Whether it’s a birthday or a simple ‘thank you’ message, this goes a long way. (Mr. Motivator is a firm favourite!)

Choose from hundreds of celebrities
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Book a celebrity for a personalised video message in just a few clicks. It makes the perfect gift!
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Give your employees the all-important recognition they deserve. In doing so, it’ll make your workplace an award-winning and happy environment. It’s so heart-warming that your staff will never want to leave!

2. Brand endorsement video for marketing

One of the most popular choices from our clients is a celebrity brand endorsement video. This gives you the flexibility to create a fun and engaging video that you can share on socials or in your marketing campaign, such as paid media.

Thrillz Business CTA.

These videos are a great way to get attention from new and existing customers, especially as a small business trying to break through the noise. One endorsement works well as a stand alone, or several different videos strung together for maximum exposure.

3. Product promotion for sales

A great way to increase organic traffic and exposure to your business is by product promotion – especially when it’s by word of mouth from a celebrity. 

Celebrity endorsements have been part of several effective marketing strategies since the late 90s. Influencers like Kim Kardashian and Molly-Mae instantly spring to mind today. In an ideal world, you send a gifted product to your ideal celeb and they review it to their followers.

Daniel Wakeford5
Daniel WakefordSINGER/SONGWRITERBook Now
Kerry Katona4.3
Kerry KatonaSinger & TV PersonalityBook Now
Nigel Farage5
Nigel FarageFormer PoliticianBook Now
Mr Motivator5
Mr MotivatorFitness InstructorBook Now
Mary Fitzgerald5
Mary FitzgeraldNetflix - Selling SunsetBook Now
Paul Chuckle5
Paul ChuckleChuckle BrothersBook Now
Matt Dawson4
Matt DawsonEngland Rugby LegendBook Now
Montell Jordan5
Montell JordanThis Is How We Do ItBook Now

Well, with Thrillz Business, we make the ideal, real. This is a powerful tool that clients see a lot of value in, typically for brand awareness, community engagement and sales.

4. Social shout-out

Dreaming of a celebrity or influencer to shout you out on social media? Thanks to our connections, you can get just that. And this has saved our clients both time and money!

This use case is part of a package: when you get a product promotion for your small business, you can tag on a shout-out. Finally! No more anxiously waiting. You can make your own opportunities rather than wait for fate, exploding on social media in literally a click of a button.

5. Sales and business prospecting

Many of our clients work in sales, from B2B to real estate. They’ve used Thrillz Business to get a video from a celebrity that they can use in their outreach process. This is a tasty little trick to grab attention from potential prospects and wow them. 

Send your celebrity shout-out to a prospect or customer to increase sales.
Send your celebrity shout-out to a prospect or customer to increase sales.

Adding the celebrity video into your email sequence or sending via a text message, and even scripting the client’s or company’s name, is pretty darn smart. Take that cold lead to a closed-won instantly!

6. Corporate calls

Another great deal that proves worthwhile is by hiring successful business people to deliver a quick 10-minute talk. This works in tandem with our Thrillz live strand. 

Learn from the best entrepreneurs and take notes on their success, whether you work in finance or fashion. It also makes for an innovative way to charge up corporate events and add some oomph to your socials.

Since you’re here...

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably hovering over the button wanting to learn more. So why not speak to one of our friendly team members today? Let’s add some Thrillz to your business.

Naida Allen
Naida AllenCopywriter
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