Reality TV Star Georgia Harrison on living a positive and healthy life.
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Reality TV Star Georgia Harrison on living a positive and healthy life.

3 min read
Eloise BrattDec 01, 2020

If you are a keen fan of reality television then you’ll already know her name. Georgia Harrison is a 25-year-old reality TV star and former PA from Essex, who you might just recognise from a stint on The Only Way is Essex.

After her run on TOWIE she jetted off to Love Island in search of the ‘right man’. She coupled up with Sam Gowland on the show but they didn’t last too long after leaving. 

Since her stint on Love Island’s season three, blonde bombshell Georgia Harrison has remained in the spotlight with various TV appearances and her, at times, rocky love life.

She also featured on the most recent series of Celebrity Ex On The Beach, with the likes of Joey Essex and Callum Best, making it through all 15 episodes. So she’s no stranger to being in the spotlight.

Georgia is also no stranger to hard graft as well as grafting hard, and knows a thing or two about keeping in shape! As well as getting in the MMA ring for a charity bout and coming up victorious, she’s also ploughed through MTV’s ‘The Challenge’. She proved to be a feisty competitor in this too however her British counterparts were her downfall in this competition. It seemed all the partying had an effect on them. 

The model has been a fitness enthusiast for some time now, hailing the positive effects it has on the mind as well as the body. She is keen on sharing her positivity and advice to fans and fitness enthusiasts alike, so if you desire the motivation to get into fitness and alter your mental wellbeing for the better, it’s definitely worth following her to find out more.


The Wellbeing Plan

Georgia talks plenty on social media about her daily routine and how a combination of training, eating right and meditation really helps both physically and mentally. But the wellbeing plan which she’s composed, brings together everything she’s used in recent years to make her mind and body the best they can be according to her. This means you can do it too! Who wouldn’t want a body like Georgia right?  

Creating good habits and goals that are attainable is the key to helping stay in shape and fit. This isn’t just designed for getting fit for your holiday, it is for maintaining your fitness and wellbeing throughout the year! 

She’s also worked a lot on learning how to use mediation and practice gratitude in her daily life to help achieve goals. This creates both a positive outlook and a balanced mindset. It’s surprising how such simple things can make a huge difference.

The Plan Includes: 

  • 4 Week Training Programme

  • 4 x HIIT Cardio Workout Videos

  • 4 x Core & More Workout Videos

  • 4 x Morning Motivation Videos

  • 4 x Meditation MP3s

  • 1 x Warm Up

  • 1 x Cool Down & Stretch 

  • 1 x Downloadable Guide

...and many more useful additions!

As well as the introduction of a fool-proof wellbeing plan, the multi-talented star  is also director of GHXSTYLE, a fitness clothing company for women. 


Georgia On Thrillz

So that’s all you need to know about Georgia’s wellbeing plan and fitness tips, but what if you have more questions? Well you’re in luck because you can get a personalised video message from the reality star here!

Through Thrillz you can type out any request you like and she will respond to you personally with a message in the form of a video to either answer any questions you have or just surprise you or someone of your choosing. 

Just remember though… if you desire a healthy lifestyle and a clear head, it’s ultimately up to you to take the reins, and it isn’t as difficult as you might have once believed. With Georgia’s advice you can help yourself too!

Book a personalised video from Georgia today!

Eloise Bratt
Eloise BrattContent Creator
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