Million Dollar Beach House's JB Andreassi
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Million Dollar Beach House's JB Andreassi

3 min read
Anjan LuthraOct 15, 2020

Gone are the days of autographs. Sure, they are cool and they might have meaning to someone, but what could be more special than a personalised celebrity video message? Having one of your idols, or current TV favourite, performing or congratulating you personally on video. Well with Thrillz, you can make that happen for someone!

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All you need to do is select a name, type in what you want her or him to say and fill in your payment details. The person you've booked then has a week to record your message and upload it, but it generally takes less. Some are quicker to respond of course depending on their availability. Even the busier ones are willing to take the time to make personal and dedicated videos though.

JB Andreassi

J.B. Andreassi, whose real name is Joseph, is a real estate broker with the Hamptons real estate group, Nest Seekers and one of the stars of Netflix’s Million Dollar Beach House. He's another one that has recently shot to fame through his Netflix show having lots of views. Definitely one for your TV recommendations if you have yet to see it. It's another binge worthy reality series, that gives you a glimpse into the lush lives of the estate agents and the lush properties they are trying to sell.

They are all selling properties in the Hamptons, one of the most glamorous holiday destinations in the entire of the US. JB is also the newest and youngest member of the team so he is keen to prove he has the chops to take on the Hamptons. But it doesn't look like it will take him too long. He instantly stood out to viewers with his choice of property, sales skills, and knowledge of the area and is set to build quite a fan base from his appearance on Million Dollar Beach House. If you're one of them fans, then be sure to follow JB. You can expect tonnes of property pics, as well as snaps alongside his best friend and co-worker Michael Fulfree.

All in all Andreassi is an exciting prospect, as is Million Dollar Beach House. What his plans are for the future isn't yet laid out, he's pretty quiet about his personal life the majority of the time and views his work the most important thing to him. But despite the show receiving slight criticism due to the drama involved, it looks set to return at some point with the usual suspects. Just make the most of the opportunity now, if you know someone that loves JB or if you do yourself then use our celebrity video messages service and make someone's day.

Of course we have many other celebrities too that may interest you. It's definitely a mixed bag and we think there is someone for everyone. Video messages are a revolutionary new way to connect with your heroes or favourite celebrities. Start today and see who you can get a personalised video message from!

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