Staying Motivated With Mr Motivator
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Staying Motivated With Mr Motivator

3 min read
Anjan LuthraDec 07, 2020

Who really Is Mr Motivator?

Derrick Evans MBE, or Mr Motivator as he’s more commonly referred to, is one of the world’s leading health and wellbeing coaches. The Jamaican-born British fitness instructor made his big break in 1993 through appearances on GMTV, where he performed energetic and enjoyable fitness sessions and gave viewers advice on how to stay fit and healthy. 

Mr Motivator isn’t just your average fitness coach though, he’s well known for his tight fitting and amazingly colourful collection of spandex outfits as well as his high energy levels. He promotes fitness as a way of life and has done for decades, supposedly selling the most fitness DVDs in the UK. 

His energetic routines and can-do attitude, typified by his famous catchphrases including 'Be happy!' 'Get wicked!' and 'Everybody say yeah,' led to him to be affectionately known as Mr Motivator - a name he later trademarked.

He also penned an autobiography, called The Warm Up, in which he laces the story of his life in and out of lycra.

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How Did Mr Motivator Become So Successful?

Derrick has always had a can-do attitude and encouraged others to embrace exercise from a young age. From the age of 10 to 20, Derrick was part of The Boys Brigade, a Christian youth organisation, which he says taught him the morals and principles he still practices today, hence why he is so helpful, happy and maintains a positive outlook. 

In his twenties, Mr Motivator worked different jobs in order to support his daughter, and it wasn’t until 1983 he became popular for his exercise classes at a church hall in Neasden and was asked by the British Heart Foundation to give classes throughout the country. 

He was confident and up-front enough to put himself out there many times to ITV over the following years, who didn’t consider him suitable at the time. They thought the role would be more suited to a middle-aged blonde woman. 

He mulled over what could make him stand out from the crowd as he needed more than just motivation and confidence to gain him recognition, which was when he came up with the idea of wearing funky and bright  clothing. ITV decided in 1993 that he would be a great fit and he proved himself when given the opportunity. He stayed at GMTV for 7 years and, despite moving back to Jamaica, has made numerous visits to the UK since for great causes and special appearances. 

Since then he’s made it his goal to inspire people, spread positivity and make a real difference in the world. As well as making a collection of unique fitness DVDs, he’s also done a tonne of work helping out charities by raising awareness and raising money.

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What Services Does Mr Motivator Provide?

Mr Motivator is on the move more often than not. If you need someone to spice up your event and bring the motivation, then why not have the best in the business? Mr Motivator is touring the world to bring his unique combination of fun, energy and colourful lycra to groups all over. Check out his site for personal appearances.  

The fitness legend is also available to book for corporate events too. Whether you’re looking for a motivational speaker to kick off your event with a bang, or training to unleash leadership potential - Mr.Motivator is here is the man for the job! 

Mr Motivator on Thrillz...

Despite being 68 years old, Mr Motivator is still as fit as ever. His energy could be more comparable to that of two 34 year olds. Now on a mission to motivate the nation once again with his enthusiastic words of wisdom, he is available on Thrillz too for personalised motivational messages. It’s a great idea for anyone who needs that extra push or genuine advice.

You can book him for a shout out, performance package or even corporate events and online hosting. Whatever you need, Mr Motivator is on hand like the public services to provide you with what you need. All shout outs are filmed and edited professionally, with usage of his own music giving you two levels of choice of videos.

It also makes a great gift for any huge fans of Mr Motivator since the message can be whatever you want. He’s been motivating and inspiring people to stay fit and happy since 1983 and he’s still at it with just as much energy as he’s always had!

Book a personalised video from Mr Motivator today!

Anjan Luthra
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