The Magic of Online Birthday Parties
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The Magic of Online Birthday Parties

5 min read
Eloise BrattFeb 02, 2021

The Change COVID has Made to Children’s Lives

When Covid 19 hit the UK almost a year ago, our lives changed forever. Working from home became a regular occurrence in most offices across the nation, entertainment venues were open and closing every other month and it was the same with schools, which has really put a strain on parents. With parents having to homeschool their kids whilst having to work themselves has really taken its toll on families, even the simplest things (such as five minutes of silence) have been hard to come by. This year has been extremely hard for families but it has definitely affected children the worst. With children not being able to play with their friends, take part in the hobbies that they love and worst of all, some of them do not even know why they are not allowed to do all the things they love as they are too young to understand.

Children’s Celebration’s on Pause

Due to this COVID 19 outbreak, so many festivities for children have been put on pause such as birthday parties, Christmas parties, school trips - the list is endless. It is nearly coming up to a year since the coronavirus outbreak and that will mean that children have not experienced any of these social and fun activities for almost a full year.

Before the pandemic struck there was always a celebration for children to be preparing for, whether it was at school or not. One of the best celebrations was obviously a birthday party. A birthday party was a chance for children to have fun and take part in wacky activities with their friends such as pin the tail on the donkey, pass the parcel and even magic shows. They would be able to eat as much cake as they wanted and may even come home with a goodie bag full of treats and probably more cake. There was always a sense of birthday magic at children’s parties as they would always have so much fun with their friends.

Fast forward to this year and kids aren’t even able to see some of their family never mind friends on their birthday. The year has been a slow one with not a lot to look forward to when it comes to children’s experiences, not being able to allow kids to see their friends or family on their birthday is something no one saw coming.


Hope is Not Lost Yet!

Although this year has been the toughest yet, there still may be some way to save it when it comes to a kids birthday party. Although they will not be able to see their loved ones, we can take their mind of this with other activities they may enjoy.  For example, a present hunt may be a good one to keep them distracted for a minute or so, or having a water fight, or even performing a comedy magic show with props and magic tricks! Simple touches such as a ‘Happy Birthday’ banner or a personalised birthday cake would make a lockdown birthday feel normal.

Even though children will not be able to see their friends and family in real life, they can always see them virtually through Zoom or Skype and have a virtual birthday party! In a virtual online party the kids could have a virtual magic sleepover or a dress up party. The pandemic may have ruined a lot for kids this year but it is up to us to make sure it does not ruin their birthday.

There are plenty of activities you can do to make sure your child has the best time they can in their lockdown birthday.  If you are still stuck for ideas there are great ideas online which will recommend all sorts of entertainment for the kids on their special day.

Add Some Magic to Their Special Day with Steve and Maggie

Steve and Maggie are an educational entertaining duo who are helping the nation’s children improve their English. The entertainment show launched on YouTube in 2014 and grabbed the interest of millions of children across the UK, helping children to improve on their English vocabulary through Steve and Maggie’s ‘Wow!’ materials. A few years later, thanks to all the families and teachers across the UK who spoke so highly of Steve and Maggie, their Wow! materials and virtual content became popular all around the world. In 2020 more than 30,000 children from more than 26 countries in  the world now learn English using Wow! materials and the Wow!Method. Steve and Maggie have materials for children from the ages of 3 to 11. They are also currently hosting virtual party shows for children over on Thrillz! Although entertaining education is what is most important to Steve and Maggie, they also do not want kids to miss out on the fun side of learning.

Sing and Dance with Steve and Maggie

As we mentioned, you can book a live party with Steve and Maggie over on Thrillz which would be a great surprise for children all over the nation to have a song and dance with their favourite educators, friends and family. Steve and Maggie will help get the party started as they have a dance with you and your friends and family. Steve will then go round the party and ask each party goer what their favourite hobby, colour and toy is! When the party is feeling confident and Steve and Maggie have made friends with everyone Steve will start Say and Sing (just like in a Steve and Maggie Video!). After all this entertainment, Steve and Maggie will stay goodbye and take some silly virtual pictures of all the party, then you have the experience to cherish forever. So why not add some birthday party magic to a child's birthday and book the Steve and Maggie party package on Thrillz today!

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