The dreaded office Secret Santa...
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The dreaded office Secret Santa...

4 min read
Eloise BrattDec 16, 2020

Secret Santa

From workplaces to friends and family we have all used the ‘Secret Santa’ card at least once in our lives. This popular take on gift exchange helps us save money yet put so much thought into one particular present for one particular person. It is a great way to bring everyone together and spread Christmas cheer.

What is Secret Santa?

Secret Santa is a westernised gift exchanging tradition which has snowballed though the years and is now more popular than ever. Although in the United Kingdom and America it is called ‘Secret Santa’ in other countries it is named something different. In Ireland, Canada, and Australia it is also known as ‘Kris Kringel’ or 'Kris Kindle'. In the Philippines it is known as 'Monito Monita'. Some countries go as far as to have a specific day for Secret Santa such as in Poland where it is celebrated on 6th December every year.

Which Secret Santa do you play?

Despite the name or country this tradition is celebrated, one thing is for certain and that is the Secret Santa gift giving rules. The conventional rules of the game are the participants of a group or community draw random names to become someone’s Secret Santa to whom they give a gift. The identity of the gift giver is supposed to remain anonymous. However, in recent years there have been some other versions of Secret Santa which have become popular. One of these versions is famously known as ‘Yankee Swap’ or ‘White Elephant Gift Exchange’, in this version members of the group buy a gift that they think will be suitable for all group participants, and players take turns in either opening new gifts or stealing a previously opened gift. Another fun twist on this tradition is ‘Guessing Secret Santa’. In this game each participant brings a gift for their allocated person, with a letter. This letter may have hints of who the gift bringer might be. Each gift receiver must guess who bought them the gift.

The original Secret Santa

This widely known tradition has a wholesome beginning. It came from a man named Larry Stewart, growing up Larry did not have a lot of money, he was homeless and sleeping in his car. One day he was given a free breakfast from the owner of Dixie Diner in Mississippi. This sparked something in Larry to give back to society just like someone had done for him. Although after this vow to himself in 1971 Larry found himself in and out of jobs. In 1979 just before Christmas he had lost his job, he stopped at a drive-in diner for a cheap bite to eat and saw a carhop there who looked cold. When she came to give him his food, he gave her $20 and told her to keep the change. She teared up and exclaimed how thankful she was. Larry remembered being homeless and hungry and how he had felt when he was given his free breakfast all those years ago. That night he went to his bank, withdrew about half his savings, and drove around searching for people to help.  Within the year he had landed himself a stable job and within two years he was handing out $100 dollar bills at Christmas. Larry remained anonymous until 2006 when he revealed his name and identity and going forth would be also identified as the original Secret Santa.

Secret Santa Gift Ideas

One of the only downsides to Secret Santa is coming up with the perfect gift ideas. We have all received some sort of Christmas gift we are not keen on and always know certain family members or friends who do not stick to wish lists, but with Secret Santa it can often be inevitable to get a bad present. Even Google is not much inspiration, as soon as you type ‘good Secret Santa gifts’ into Google the first search options are socks, mugs or random items that we know are going to be binned the following year.

Secret Santa with Thrillz!

This is where Thrillz comes in. Getting a personalised video as a Secret Santa gift is an original way to give an unforgettable present this year. The whole point of Secret Santa is getting something personal; this is why Thrillz is the perfect gift idea. When we think of Secret Santa ideas the first thing that comes to mind is socks or beer, which are boring if you are wanting to prove to your co-workers or family how great you are at gift giving, therefore choosing Thrillz as a Secret Santa gift confirms your worries are nonsense. The number of celebrities that Thrillz has you will be stuck for choice rather than trying to work out what to buy. Celebrity videos have grown massively over the past year or so due to popular demand so get your Secret Santa gift sorted early this year to avoid disappointment. The only downside is you might show up the rest of the group by buying the best present…. and you have to think, is that really a downside?

Book your video for Secret Santa today!

Eloise Bratt
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