Keeping Music Alive with Zoom Concerts
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Keeping Music Alive with Zoom Concerts

5 min read
Anjan LuthraJan 21, 2021

Live Music at a Standstill

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we have all had the dreaded email come through that the concerts or festivals we have been looking forward to for months have been cancelled or rescheduled; for a few of us this may have been more than once! Due to this we have missed out on nearly a year of live music which has taken its toll on musicians, fans and everything in between. When the virus started to spread, live music was one of the first things to be stopped as it is hard practice social distancing in such large crowds. For many people, going to see a band or DJ would be part of their weekly routine. Because of the coronavirus pandemic some artists have turned to live streaming on social media through platforms such as Zoom, Instagram live or YouTube live to make sure they connect with their fans.

Zoom Concerts

After a few months of not having live music in our lives, musicians started to wonder how to give their fans something to look forward to and decided to take their mind off Covid 19 with Zoom live streams. Some artists such as Jon Bon Jovi, Elton John, Charli XCX, John Legend and many more used their live shows  as a way to raise money for various charities such as MusiCAres which is a Covid 19 relief fund. Whereas others simply did a last minute Instagram live and used it as a way to promote their new album. Either way, live streaming has really helped music fans become more excited for the future and given them an entertaining distraction from the current situation.

The great thing about these live streams is they can be watched from anywhere as long as you have internet connection, and even if you don’t have internet connection at that specific time, some of the streams are available after the live stream event on social media or YouTube. They can also be filmed from anywhere, some performances such as Lucinda Williams was filmed from what looked like her studio, whereas other artists have used more homely venues such as their living room, Billie Eilish was one of the stars to do this. Some artists, including Billie and Lucinda, filmed their live streams whilst playing a musical instrument. Chris Martin from Coldplay filmed his live stream whilst playing his piano.

Allie Sherlock in Concert

Allie Sherlock is new to the music scene and she has come to fame recently as a social media and YouTube star, she performs covers of her favorite songs. Her cover of ‘Supermarket Flowers’ went viral, and before she knew it she was sitting on the sofa on the Ellen DeGeneres Show! Thrillz have recently hosted an exclusive ‘Allie Sherlock in Concert’ Zoom live stream for Allie’s top 100 fans, the concert went down really well and Allie was singing her favorite songs whilst the audience were enjoying the live stream from the comfort of their own homes. The show was very intimate and personal as fans could message Allie on Zoom and she would pick up the viewer comments and chat to members of the audience. Allie also spent time talking about why certain songs meant so much to her, making the live stream feel like a real concert.

The Good and the Bad of Live Steam Events

Although online Zoom shows are a great way to ignore the reality of the Covid 19 situation, they can sometimes have their disadvantages. One of their biggest disadvantages is that the online gigs do not have the same atmosphere as normal concerts, dancing to your favourite songs in a room full of strangers who share the same passion for the artist as you do can create a sense of belonging for some of us. However,  having to travel to the venue, get ready, pay for drinks, pay for merchandise etc can all be avoided with online concerts. Money is a big factor for most people when it comes to music performances, as well as the concert ticket you will also need to pay for all of the above. Sometimes we can spend triple the money of a standard ticket to be sat in a better position and then not being able to see anyway. The great thing about online concerts is everyone pays the same amount (usually a fraction of a normal concert ticket) and we can enjoy it from the comfort of our bedrooms or living rooms.

As well as connecting with your favourite band or singer it is also a great way to connect with your own friends or family. Going on socially distanced walks every week can be a bit tedious but booking the same live steam performance as a friend or family member is a great way to connect with someone we love, and let's be honest will give us something to talk about on those walks other than Covid 19.

Hosting live streams on these different social media platforms is also an advantage for people who may never be able to see their favourite artist perform in real life on tour. Through the power of social media and the internet we can discover new artists who may live on the other side of the globe, therefore they may never perform in our country. Live streams give the option for people who may live in somewhere like Los Angeles or New York to be able to see their favourite singer or band from the UK perform.

Zoom Live Streams with Thrillz

Thrillz has taken a big step in hosting live streams and they plan to continue this in 2021. They will be hosting many more live stream performances and other events through Zoom this year. The great thing about having Zoom as their live streaming service is it allows their celebrities to connect with their fans via the chat, meaning you can ask questions and make comments on the performance. Keep an eye on this space, as you will be hearing from Thrillz soon with up and coming performances!

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Anjan Luthra
Anjan LuthraFounder & CEO
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