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How Thrillz Business Can Boost Your Brand Awareness Campaign
5 min read

How Thrillz Business Can Boost Your Brand Awareness Campaign

5 min read
Naida AllenFeb 07, 2022

Welcome, entrepreneurs! You might be missing a crucial step in your brand awareness campaign, and it can cost you thousands. Get your notepad ready because we’re sharing the 6 steps that will improve your business strategy (and it’s not something to avoid). 

What is influencer marketing and why is it important?

The term “influencer marketing” has become a buzzword. Despite that, statistics show that in 2021, businesses earned 5x in revenue for every $1 spent on influencer marketing

Thrillz site traffic after celebrity posts on their social media.
Thrillz site traffic after celebrity posts on their social media.

To go further, surveys say that 90% of respondents find this strategy effective. In this article, we tap into how this plays a key role in your business marketing campaign, and how you can achieve it quickly and easily.

#1 Get on board with influencer marketing 

The power of influencer marketing and celebrity endorsements is now more important than ever. Whether you own a small or medium-sized business, influencers are the key to your brand awareness campaign. 

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As buyers and consumers, we trust word of mouth. The term ‘influencer’ literally means that they have the power to influence their audience. That can be positive or negative. So, having the backing of said influencer could take your business to the next level. It creates credibility and awareness to audiences from all over the world. It’s a psychological phenomenon: we want to be like the elite so we shop like the elite.

#2 Find a celebrity or influencer

With Thrillz Business, you can get a shout-out from a celebrity to promote your brand. Simply choose the person that matches your business values and most importantly, your customer profile. Who would be the most ideal celebrity that your customers relate to, trust and would buy from? Brainstorm ideas and the pros and cons for each person.

With notable names like Nigel Farage, Mary Fitzgerald, Kerry Katona, Mr. Motivator (MBE), Roger Black and more, you’ll earn the top place in the industry. Prices range from £200 to £3000. Depending on how much you’re willing to invest, the pay-off is priceless. 

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Remember, this improves your brand’s visibility and reaches millions of new customers. Even existing customers will value this, causing a spike in your brand awareness and increasing the trust placed in your business. 

Formula: Awareness + Trust = Sales.

#3 Create original content

Now that you’ve found the right influencer or celebrity for your business, you need to implement them into your brand awareness campaign. How? Create original content.

As a business, you will always have competitors. Your idea might be better, but you still have to prove it. So start with the basics: establish a tone of voice, a style, a motto and make sure you are consistent. Then, collaborate with the celebrity to create a script that will make ears prick up and eyes goggle.

#4 Use social media to your advantage 

Going viral is not just a trend. This is something that requires skill and brains. How can you get your brand awareness campaign reaching far and wide, with little cost? Answer: social media.

The cost of using social media vs. traditional methods to engage audiences. Image credit: Asset Digital Communications.
The cost of using social media vs. traditional methods to engage audiences. Image credit: Asset Digital Communications.

To stand out in the noise that is social media, you need original content. You then have to distribute it on different platforms. Recall back to your customer profile: what platforms are they most likely to use? Which products are the best? What type of content do they engage most with: videos, pictures, email?

If it’s TikTok, take note of the different sounds and trends. Or, use a well-known TikTokkers like Katie Sands or Harry Rowley and get them to add their personal touch. They are popular content creators for a reason, therefore, it adds something special to your brand awareness campaign. Rather than someone simply listing reasons why your product is so cool, get influencers to review it in their own style. This is also less expensive than traditional methods of advertising!

#5  Host a business event

Whether it’s a virtual or live event, you want to get investors and business people talking about you. So with a celebrity endorsement, your original content and support from social media, you need to share this announcement with the big dogs.

Daniel Wakeford5
Daniel WakefordSINGER/SONGWRITERBook Now
Kerry Katona4.3
Kerry KatonaSinger & TV PersonalityBook Now
Nigel Farage5
Nigel FarageFormer PoliticianBook Now
Mr Motivator5
Mr MotivatorFitness InstructorBook Now
Mary Fitzgerald5
Mary FitzgeraldNetflix - Selling SunsetBook Now
Paul Chuckle5
Paul ChuckleChuckle BrothersBook Now
Matt Dawson4
Matt DawsonEngland Rugby LegendBook Now
Montell Jordan5
Montell JordanThis Is How We Do ItBook Now

Just name-dropping a celebrity in your brand awareness campaign will create intrigue and give you an advantage in the market. On top of that, a business event encourages you to network, learn from others, and stay agile. It opens up doors for partnerships with similar companies, which will aid your brand awareness campaign.

#6 Monitor your brand awareness 

Most of the hard work is done, but you still need to track if it’s working. Make sure you invest in the right tools that will demonstrate how well your brand awareness campaign is stacking up. Google Analytics and SEMrush are good places to start. 

Types of metrics to consider:

- Visitors to your website per month

- Number of sales per month

- Number of followers on social media per week

There are plenty more metrics to track, but the trick is to measure this before and after you share a celebrity endorsement. 

The key takeaways

Ok, let’s summarise. To boost your brand awareness campaign, you need to enlist the support of an influencer or celebrity who will shout out your brand in a customised video. To promote this content, you need to share it via social media and with relevant people in your industry. And where can you find top celebrities and influencers? Check out Thrillz Business.

Naida Allen
Naida AllenCopywriter
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