Customers are getting creative with their video requests. The possibilities are endless!
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4 min read

Customers are getting creative with their video requests. The possibilities are endless!

4 min read
Eloise BrattSep 24, 2020

Thrillz is a unique website with a plethora of celebs offering personalised celebrity video messages for their fans. Just who is featured on the site though?

Well there is a selection of popular celebrities from all different walks of life, British and international stars alike. The likes of sporting greats, musicians, hot shot comedians and reality TV stars, just to name a few, make up our line up of celebrities.

Special Requests

You'll be surprised at just how much fun you can have with your personal video message requests. The stars on Thrillz are just really down to earth and more than happy to mix things up as well as greetings and short video messages. But it can be whatever your imagination desires as long as the celebrities have no problems with it. After all it's an opportunity for them to communicate with their beloved fans too.

We've already had a collection of wacky and wonderful personal video message requests, perhaps you could use them as inspiration for your personal video! Here are a few examples of what we've had so far:

Job Application

'As part of a job application they have asked me to provide a covering letter but want something different, so a video from Mary who is in sales could be just the thing. If you can tell them they should offer me an interview, not just because my CV ticks all the boxes for the role but because i am also loyal, dedicated, enjoy working fast paced and want a new challenge - I’m pretty awesome and also fun! Thanks'

Kids advice

'Hi Katie, could you please do a shout out to my friend Doug and share your Some top tips for how you survived the lockdown and for keeping the kids entertained! Thanks so much Katie.'

Birthday invite

'I am inviting a few of my friends to a special BBQ, and want to invite them in style. Adam is a big fan of the Chuckle brothers, so a personalised invite to my BBQ from you would make it very special! If you could also drop in a special guest called Pearman will be there, that would be perfect. Thanks!'

More recently we've had a wedding proposal request for Irish Youtube star and singer Allie Sherlock, and a congratulatory new home message from Selling Sunset's Mary Fitzgerald too. So feel free to be as creative as you like, it's a one of kind opportunity to surprise a friend or loved one. There are many more examples of personalised video messages on the site, including reviews for each celebrity on their individual profiles.

So Why Us?

You could go out and queue up for hours, only to be swiftly escorted away after a quick autograph and photo. You could do that. Or you could have personal and unique experience with Thrillz celebrity video messages. It's for everyone too.

You can have a personalised video made for yourself, friends, family, work colleagues, you name it. It can be as personal and as tailored as you like and the celebrity in question has to go out of their way to record a message just for you. No bouncers ushering you along or rushing the celebrity to keep the lines going. This unique approach can really bring that special experience that you can't get anywhere else.

Personalisation is a big part of what we do and what makes it so special. Just choose your favourite celebrity and you can request them to wish your mum a happy birthday, announce good news to your family, spread , make a top drawer sales pitch or roast your mate. Thrillz makes dreams a reality. The price is up to the celebrity profile, the video message is up to the fans.

Something For Everyone

At Thrillz there is such a wide range of celebrities that we're sure there will be someone you love. Whether you're sports barmy, a cooking show addict or you love your soaps and TV dramas, chances are we have someone, or a few celebs that'll leave you starstruck. With that in mind who wouldn't want a celebvideo just for them.

Nostalgia is a big part of what we do as well. Everyone has legends they admire in different industries so to have a personalised celebrity video message from one of your hero's is a one of a kind opportunity and guaranteed to put smiles on faces. In most cases, the service is used for bog-standard messages from the celebrities, but in other cases there are celebrities who are willing to go all out! So be sure to visit the site and make someone's day, or year, with a celeb video from Thrillz.

Eloise Bratt
Eloise BrattContent Creator
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