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How to Hire a Celebrity for Fun Events
3 min read

How to Hire a Celebrity for Fun Events

3 min read
Naida AllenMar 03, 2022

We like to make things simple and affordable at Thrillz. That’s why we’ve partnered up with your favourite celebrities to help you create unforgettable experiences. Wanna know more? Here’s how you can hire a celebrity for events in 3 simple steps.

Traditional ways to hire a celebrity 

Many people go via a celebrity booking agency to source and book talent. The tricky part about this is that it can get quite expensive and super time-consuming really quickly. Allow me to demonstrate:

1. You Google ‘hire a celebrity’ and get slammed with several options. (It’s a bit overwhelming.)

2. After filtering and clicking a couple of links, you’ve found a site that looks legit. Jackpot!

3. Now you’re browsing for the celebrity (let’s say it’s Kerry Katona) and see there’s no price listed. (That can only mean one thing…)

Daniel Wakeford5
Daniel WakefordSINGER/SONGWRITERBook Now
Kerry Katona4.3
Kerry KatonaSinger & TV PersonalityBook Now
Nigel Farage5
Nigel FarageFormer PoliticianBook Now
Mr Motivator5
Mr MotivatorFitness InstructorBook Now
Mary Fitzgerald5
Mary FitzgeraldNetflix - Selling SunsetBook Now
Paul Chuckle5
Paul ChuckleChuckle BrothersBook Now
Matt Dawson4
Matt DawsonEngland Rugby LegendBook Now
Montell Jordan5
Montell JordanThis Is How We Do ItBook Now

4. You call or email to enquire for a price – this may take between 5 minutes to 24 hours depending on the speed of the agency.

5. Finally, you’re told that you’ll need at least 10K in your pocket. (Oof!)

Now, those 5 steps look like an expensive effort. Busy people like you need not bother themselves with that hassle or bank-breaking prices. I wonder if there’s a way to make that process seamless… oh wait!

Use Thrillz Live to hire a celebrity 

Fortunately, we’ve made hiring a celebrity 10x more simple – and we don’t charge extortionate prices either. 

Step one: Enquire with Thrillz Live today, we’ll get back to you in 60 minutes. We’ll schedule a quick 5-minute call to find out about you, the type of event you’re planning and what celebrities would be the best fit. 

Step two: You can also bypass that first step and head over to the celebrity booking page where you’ll see a list of all available talent – and a transparent breakdown of their prices. On average, a celebrity booking will cost you up to 25% less than any agency! 

Thrillz Live CTA

Step three: Select the celebrity and book direct. We’ll liaise behind the scenes and confirm your booking for the date and budget.

Note how we’ve cut the steps in half! It’s hassle-free and certainly better for all you busy bees looking to save some pennies. 

Type of events that would be great to book a celebrity appearance

Perhaps you’re just browsing the net and wondering what other cool events would call for a celebrity booking. Here are a list of ideas:

  • A birthday party: What better way to hit those milestones than with a celebrity appearance? A special surprise for a 21st or 60th birthday.

  • Student socials: We’ve got a tonne of Love Island stars that would be perfect to book for student nights. Whether it’s at the university union or a popular club, make it bigger and better with a star. This will be a sell-out!

Here's an idea from me to you, hire Paul Chuckle to play DJ. Image credit: ReVa Nightclub.
Here's an idea from me to you, hire Paul Chuckle to play DJ. Image credit: ReVa Nightclub.

  • Work social: Turn those corporate work parties into an interactive and startastic night. From sophisticated After Dinner speakers like David Gower to singers like Kerry Katona – how could you say no?

  • Private members nights: Engage with your members and host a night to remember. We’ve got an amazing selection of sports legends that are available for private bookings. Perhaps an Evening with John Virgo is on the cards?

  • Workshops: School, university, team building days – you name it. Hire a celebrity to give a motivational talk to inspire the audience and make the event memorable.

Your upcoming events are going to be the highlight of the year – at the lowlight price.

Before you go

We’ve given you a breakdown of how to hire a celebrity in three simple steps and ideas to make your upcoming events sensational. So what are you waiting for? Enquire today to get a personalised and direct approach that will jumpstart your event planning.

Naida Allen
Naida AllenCopywriter
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