The Katie Price is ready to take on personalised video requests on Thrillz
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The Katie Price is ready to take on personalised video requests on Thrillz

4 min read
Anjan LuthraSep 28, 2020

Katie's Rise to Fame

Glamour model, businesswoman and TV personality Katie Price is undoubtedly a big name in the UK. If by some chance you aren't familiar with her she is well known for featuring on 'I'm a celebrity.. Get me out of here!' in 2009 and for her relationships with other UK celebrities such as Peter Andre, Alex Reid and Kieran Hayler to name a few. But it was her modelling career in the late nineties and early 2000s that gained her recognition.

In the early 2000s Katie Price became known quickly for her extensive boob job ops and made the most of her notoriety by cashing in where she could. During this time though, she decided to ditch her Jordan alter-ego and open up to the public her true self - and the UK fell in love with her. It was also during her stint on I'm a Celebrity that she famously fell in love with her ex-husband Peter Andre , who she went on to marry - selling the pictures in a lucrative magazine deal. The two later divorced though, and it was unspecified what happened although it is clear they still care for each for one another. In scenes from the upcoming installment of her reality show My Crazy Life: Christmas Special, Katie Price reveals the reason she and Peter Andre split, over 10 years ago. She later married former cage fighter Alex Reid, but it was short-lived and they divorced just a year later in 2011. She then went on to marry Kieran Hayler in 2013, having two children, but it wasn't to be and they ended up getting divorced in 2018.

Personal Life

The television personality has had a turbulent few years to say the least. Katie Price has been the subject of many reality TV series which have chronicled her often chaotic domestic life, beginning with a trio of documentaries. In recent years Katie has been devoted to taking care of her children, whilst also making appearances on television where possible.

Of her five children, she takes care of three: Princess, Junior and Harvey. Harvey is the eldest of the three and is the son of ex- Manchester United star Dwight Yorke, while the two younger siblings are from her relationship with Peter Andre. Talking to the Guardian in 2010, Katie expressed how she has always wanted to become a mother though, saying "Becoming a mum hasn't changed me because I always do what I want anyway. In terms of responsibilities, though, of course, you have to face up to them.". Katie Price has taken the responsibility of being a mother incredibly. Her son Harvey was born with Prader-willi syndrome which is a rare genetic condition with a wide range of symptoms. Despite this, he is strong and optimistic and has a great relationship with his mother who has always been there for him. So that just about caps off her story of stardom briefly. She has been in the limelight for a long time now and still continues to share her often hectic life with her many fans.

What's Happening Now

So what's the latest news on Katie Price then? The TV personality is not currently married, having divorced from Kieran Hayler, but is in a relationship with car dealer Carl Woods. The new couple have known each other for years but were set up by a mutual friend around a month ago, and have been secretly dating ever since.

Katie Price has reportedly started seeing a life coach again too. Claims surfaced the former glamour model, 42, has been seeing her life coach to maintain a positive attitude during the hellish agony she has been suffering with her broken feet. The reality star was rushed to A&E in Turkey after she fractured both heels jumping off a wall at theme park Land of Legends.

It could be a year before the reality queen walks again but she has been supported by her friends and her boyfriend Carl Woods. Her new-found positivity has spurred the mother-of-five to cut out toxic pals from her inner circles as she moves on with her life. It is clear to see though that the life coaching is going swimmingly as she still spreads positivity and joy to her fans through social media. Katie Price is also big on the prevention of bullying and trolling online and has been for a while now, sharing her personal online experiences, and advocating for the #TurnOffTrolls campaign.

Katie Price on Thrillz

It's our pleasure to introduce Katie to the site! She usually has such a hectic schedule and has a big fan base so meeting her or getting an autograph is an unlikely scenario. Now she is on Thrillz though you have new means of communication and it is an amazing opportunity for a gift for any Katie Price fans! She has already had video message requests of all sorts. She only does performance packages which means the videos are slightly longer but she's genuine and makes her videos special for each individual by being herself. Check out the site for examples and get ideas for your personalised video!

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