Blog/Mr Motivator: Workout Tips and Secrets
Mr Motivator: Workout Tips and Secrets
5 min read

Mr Motivator: Workout Tips and Secrets

5 min read
Bernadette YounaOct 05, 2021

Do you want to keep fit like the one and only Mr Motivator? Read all about how he stays fit!

Who is he?


Photo by paurian is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Derrick Errol Evans, who is best known as 'Mr Motivator' was born on November 15th 1952. The Jamaican-born Fitness Coach moved to the United Kingdom in 1961, Mr Motivator first found fame on the popular British breakfast programme GMTV in the early 1990s, he was promoting fitness and health as a way of life.

In 1983 Derrick (Mr Motivator) started teaching exercise classes at a local church in North West London, his classes started filling up rapidly becoming extremely popular that he was asked by the British Heart Foundation to give workout classes throughout the country.

He kept applying for ITV to take him on but unfortunately, Derrick kept getting rejected. It wasn't until 1993 when he finally got hired to appear on the breakfast show GMTV. That was the birth of the name Mr Motivator.

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Mr Motivator would perform his workouts on live TV with his staple multicoloured outfits, these bright neon lycra outfits became his trademark which to this day he is still well known for. Mr Motivator's popularity led to him releasing fitness videos and DVDs which included ‘Mr Motivator's 10 minute BLTs’, ‘10 minutes Mr Motivator workout’, body conditioning and more.

After releasing a number of best-selling fitness videos Mr Motivator quickly broke the record for the most fitness DVD sales ever sold in the UK. His personality and trademark outfits likely helped with his sales, as it made him unique. Mr Motivator wasn't in the typical plain leotard which a lot of fitness coaches would wear.


Where did the name 'Mr Motivator' come from?

Derrick used to do street performances in shopping centres and the streets, along with Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan. Apparently Jude used to shout that Derrick was the 'motivator' of the bunch and the name stuck, which is why he calls himself Mr Motivator. 

High demand during the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic put a stop to so many jobs around the world, with the national lockdown there was a rise in people using online platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Youtube etc. T

his was due to the fact that so many people were stuck indoors and used social media as a way of connecting with friends and family, the online business industry was also booming. This allowed people to take their business online which worked for many including Mr Motivator himself.

Mr Motivator made his fitness return to the screens in 2020, on a new BBC One programme 'Health Check UK' which was designed to keep the nation fit and healthy during the lockdown of the coronavirus pandemic period. Mr Motivator created home-based workouts for people of any age to follow. If you're wondering, yes, he did bring back his bright neon leotards.

Many people during the lockdown were requesting tips from Derrick to keep fit, but also to help with their mental health as all the gyms had closed.

Towards the end of 2020 at the age of 67, Derrick Evans was appointed the Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in the Queen's birthday honours list. He was awarded for the honour of services in health and fitness after he created online home-based workouts during the lockdown.

The main secret to working out is staying consistent. Mr Motivator even said "once you make it a habit, working out becomes as natural as brushing your teeth. And if you don't brush your teeth, you don't feel right do you?".  He's there to change people's mindset on working out, making it less of a chore and more of a habit. There are endless benefits to working out both mentally and physically, as it allows you to look good while also feeling good.


Mr Motivator doing one of his daily dozen workouts (Video Credit: Mr Motivator MBE youtube)

The Club

Mr Motivator has recently launched an online platform called The Club, which is ideally aimed at older people. The platform allows the elder generation to obtain more alternative and accessible fitness solutions, it also helps them with their mental wellbeing and 'loneliness'.

Mr Motivator didn't just create a website, within that he created a community that could connect and stay fit together.  On September 21st 2021 Mr Motivator celebrated 6 months of the launch of his website 'Motivation Club', since launching he has slowly started to move away from Youtube videos and concentrate more on his website audience.

 Mr Motivator posts religiously on his YouTube platform every Monday, he titles all his videos 'Mr Motivator's Daily Dozen Workout'.  Mr Motivator has made 'Monday Motivation' his thing, as that's the day his Youtube videos are posted, along with any other videos which he posts on Instagram.

The hashtag Monday Motivation has become extremely popular within the last few years, the reason for this is because Mondays, in general, have always had such a bad reputation. It's the day that trails after a nice relaxing Sunday, the slogan #MondayMotivation is used to bring positivity for the gloomy Monday morning.

Mr Motivator
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Mr Motivator

Along with motivating you to make the upcoming week the best it could possibly be, Mr Motivator does this with his daily dozen workout videos which is essentially just a 12-minute workout that is time anyone can set aside to


Will you be grabbing your bright leotards and joining in one of Mr Motivator's daily dozen workouts?

While you're here.

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Note: Thumbnail image by snowflakegirl is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Bernadette Youna
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