The destination for personalised gifts - guaranteed to make you smile!
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The destination for personalised gifts - guaranteed to make you smile!

4 min read
Anjan LuthraSep 28, 2020
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Custom Gifts

In recent years, personalised gift sites have become vastly popular due to the demand for something different. People want to surprise their loved ones with gifts that show they care and something that you wouldn't be able to purchase in a standard high street store. And with good reason. Why wouldn't you go above and beyond for someone you care about? Personalised gifts bring about joy, they can last a lifetime in someone's memory.

You could get personalised gifts online, shipped all the way from Hong Kong or China, but you don't know what the quality will be like or how long delivery will take. You could use your standard personalised gifts site too, which there is plenty of based in the UK. But they are generally quite generic, and we think if you are to personalise gifts then why not make it special.

Personalised Gifts With Us

Many people would be happy with just signed photo gifts of their favourite celeb in a photo frame. But when you get your gifts personalised with us you are getting a meaningful video that is unique and specific to someone. It's a great idea if you are looking for birthday gifts because even though it is unique, it's a suitable gift for people of all ages, and it's reasonably priced.

When it comes to personalised gifts, what could be more perfect than a celebrity video message. Whether it’s for someone's birthday, a congratulatory message or motivational support, our personal video messages are a one of a kind custom gift for any occasion. Shop for something genuine and special next time you are getting a gift for family or friends. Get custom gifts with meaning from us.

It's hard coming up with gift ideas to show how much you care about your loved ones and friends. It doesn't have to be though. Everyone has their idols and celebrities they admire and adore. Everyone who loves sport or music has someone they see as a legend. With Thrillz you can provide that person with a birthday gift they will remember for, well the rest of their life.

With our service you can personalise it as much as you want too. All you have to do is pick a celebrity, and request what you want from them at their discretion. The message can include whatever you desire. They are usually willing to go out of their way to make it particular. With a wide range of celebrities from all over the UK and the United States, there is no shortage of stars. Our UK stars list covers sports, soaps, chefs, reality TV stars, you name it. So what are you waiting for? Check out the talent and take your gift personalisation to the next level.

About Us

Our purpose is to be there for the moments that matter. We are a company you can rely on, and we want to become a familiar face at our customer’s side, at the heart of every important occasion. The celebrities on our site are down to earth and willing to go out of their way to create custom messages for each individual to make it a one of a kind personalised gift!

Custom gifts are always increasing in popularity, and now is a better time than ever to get something special that can be sent online and opened in a few clicks. How many personalised gifts can you do that with? It isn't just the ease of it of course, you can put as much thought into it as you like or it can be as simple as you like. In essence it's the thought that counts. Imagine receiving a video from one of your favourite celebs directed to you! As far as custom gifts go, it's a unique and exciting change from anything else.

Our customer service team is more than happy to help with any queries regarding the services too. All in all it is a simple process though, you just send them your request and payment and they'll get back to you in a couple of days or a few days with a high quality video. We're based in the UK but operate worldwide, providing services for everyone, which is why we have an extensive range of stars.


Our selection of video message gifts from top celebrities is a no-brainer if you are looking for something meaningful and can fit all occasions. Anniversaries, birthdays, you could even involve one of your partners idols in your wedding proposal, which we've had before. A unique performance or even a shout out from someone's hero is enough to make their year.

Whether the person you're surprising is old or young, whether they love sports or binge box sets, there are celeb video message gifts for all on our site. Create an unforgettable experience with Thrillz personalised gifts and feel the joy of surprising a loved one or acquaintance with something that is guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

Anjan Luthra
Anjan LuthraFounder & CEO
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