Blog/What Makes the Perfect Gift? 8 Personalised Presents They Will LOVE!
What Makes the Perfect Gift? 8 Personalised Presents They Will LOVE!
6 min read

What Makes the Perfect Gift? 8 Personalised Presents They Will LOVE!

6 min read
Eloise BrattJul 12, 2021

If you are looking for the most thoughtful, out-of-the-box, personalised gift, I've got you covered with 8 insanely good (and relatively cheap) unique, personal gifts for all occasions that they will LOVE and cherish forever, you're welcome!

If only shopping for the perfect birthday gift was easy, we'd all spend way less time pulling our hair out about what to get our loved ones and more time being 'that friend' who's known for giving the best presents.

"What makes the perfect gift?" - A quick Google of this phrase will tell you it's something thoughtful and personalised - I agree, the increasingly popular trend of personalised gifts has been steadily growing throughout the last 5 years and show absolutely no signs of slowing.

"But what type of meaningful and personalised birthday gifts are there?", I hear you ask. Well, fear not readers (and get ready to shop till you drop), for I am here to break down 8 of the best, most truly meaningful and personalised gifts you can get, for all occasions!

1. A Celebrity Video Message


I couldn't write a blog post about personalised gift ideas without mentioning Thrillz, could I?

Why not celebrate the occasion with a personalised video message from their favourite celebrity?

With celebs such as Katie Price, Kerry Katona and so many more from all different categories exclusive to Thrillz, you'll be sure to find a celebrity they would love to hear from on their special day, whatever the occasion.

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Like personalised gifts, virtual gifts are also on the rise. With the increase in demand for sustainable presents, people are looking towards the internet as a way to virtually send someone something special.

Sending a personalised celebrity video on Thrillz is fully virtual as the video is viewed and downloaded on your phone, tablet or laptop, so it's completely economical! Also, virtual gifts can never go out of style, literally, so it's a win - win!

Click here to book a personalised celebrity video message now!

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2. A Hamper


What better way to show someone you care than with a basket filled with all their favourite things?!

Hampers can come in all shapes and sizes, from a traditional wicker basket to a modern gift box. A hamper is super personalised as you can include a range of custom gifts you know the recipient will love, maybe something weirdly specific that only the two of you get or bags of their favourite sweets that remind them of the seaside, you could even include a bottle of bubbly, gin or wine!

That's the great thing about hampers, you can include smaller, more meaningful gifts which will mean the world to them!

Head to notanotherbunchofflowers.com to create a wonderful gift box that you can fully customise yourself using a huge range of gifts.

3. Jewellery


A piece of jewellery can be a tricky choice for a personalised birthday gift. Will they like it? Is it their style? Will it ultimately go out of fashion?

However, when you add a personalised touch to this piece of jewellery, it becomes timeless. You could get them a necklace engraved with their name, a locket with a photo of you both or a ring featuring their birth stone or star sign.

Pandora sell pretty and unique birthstone rings, perfect for birthday gifts that the recipient will be sure to love!

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4. Stationary


Is your friend still in school or starting uni, maybe they work in an office? Or maybe they're just highly organised (aka a neat freak)?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, some personalised stationery might be a very good, and highly practical gift option! Stationary gifts don't have to be boring either, there are so many different designs, colours and personalisations you can make.

You could get them a notepad or pen engraved with their name or even a customised diary!

Papier have a wide range of brilliant quality personalised stationary in some really pretty designs and colours to get some inspiration from - Organisation, but make it fashion!

5. An Experience Day


While experience gifts, like celebrity videos, aren't physical personalised gifts, they are also gifts that can be extremely personalised to suit the recipient's hobbies and interests. Do they love fast cars? Then a supercar driving experience day is the perfect personalised gift for them! Maybe they're an aspiring chef or just love to cook? If so, they would absolutely LOVE a cooking masterclass!

There are also lots of options for kids, so everyone can be included!

Search the many categories on Virgin Experience Days for some really fun and exciting adventure days and activity inspiration, fit for the thrill seekers!

6. A Keepsake


A gift that never goes out of style. A meaningful yet affordable gift idea for your nostalgic friends... you know, the ones who keep memories/ keepsakes from literally everywhere you go.

You could get them a personalised photo frame with a photo of you both, or maybe their very own personalised champagne glass, wine or gin glass for a 21st (or other age) birthday or an engraved keepsake box for them to store all those special memories.

Buying a keepsake can literally make them cry with happiness (and we all know that's a WINNER)! It can also make the perfect gift for everyone, regardless of age!

Not on the High Street is wonderful for this type of stuff!

7. Art


No I'm not talking about a fancy painting, I mean the fun, personalised type of 'art'! Personalised art and prints are very hot right now, with lots of people giving really fun, cool illustrations of them and their besties as gifts.

Also, word art prints are becoming increasingly popular, this is where you add their name along with any other special info about them to a frame! They also look very detailed and high quality yet in reality they are super easy and quick to get made.

Head to Etsy for personalised art and thank me later, you won't be disappointed!

8. A Novelty Gift


One for the jokers of the group! Novelty gifts might consist of a mug engraved with a crude or catchy slogan directed at the recipient, or it could be apparel or bedding printed with your faces all over it! You could even turn them into the protagonist of their own story and get them a funny personalised book - yes, an actual book!

Whether it's a crude gift for your work mate, or just to cheer someone up who's been feeling down, novelty gifts can make a great present for a friend!

Gettingpersonal.co.uk has a whole array of personalised novelty gifts, they even have an entire section dedicated to 'unusual gifts', so be sure to have a search on there for all the hilarious birthday gifts!

So, there you have it, my top 8 personalised gifts that everyone will be sure to love.

You now have all the tools you need to become 'that friend' who everyone knows as the one who gives the best gifts, so what are you waiting for? Go out there and earn that title!

Eloise Bratt
Eloise BrattContent Creator
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