The Sooty Show entertaining the generations
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The Sooty Show entertaining the generations

2 min read
Eloise BrattJan 11, 2021

What is The Sooty Show

The Sooty Show is the longest running children’s TV show in the world; therefore, it is loved across the nation from old to new fans. The series is all about Sooty and his friends Sweep and Soo getting into all sorts of adventures and mischief. You may recognise the famous catch phrase; 'izzy wizzy lets get busy!'

How it all started

Harry Corbett is the creator and founder of Sooty. Harry and Sooty first performed together in 1948 in a joke shop in Blackpool. Harry originally bought Sooty to keep his children entertained when they went on holiday together.  In 1952 Sooty made his first ever debut on television on the BBC’s Talent Night. Following this appearance, Harry was invited to perform on Saturday Special, a fortnightly children’s programme hosted by Peter Butterworth and his wife Janet Brown. It did not take long for the BBC to offer Corbett his own show, which began in July 1955. The programme was originally called Sooty before changing its name in the coming years to ‘The Sooty Show’. These were exciting times for Sooty and Harry and to add to that excitement, Sooty met the Queen and Prince Phillip in 1955! Sooty mischievously squirted Prince Phillip with his water pistol.

Through the years

In 1957, we had the first appearance of Sooty’s best friend Sweep and Soo joined the series as well in 1964. Harry was forced to retire in 1976 which meant his son Matthew could step up and be the new presenter of The Sooty Show, the series also moved over to ITV where it has remained. In 1985 Richard Cadell made his first appearance on the show, which was over ten years before he started presenting it! In 1998, when Matthew retired, he personally chose Richard Cadell to take over the series and he has remained in this position to this day. Although the characters remain the same, the show has changed from when it first aired in 1952. It started as a slapstick comedy for children but now has a more sitcom approach to the episodes with life lessons for the children such as telling the truth and how to be a good friend. Due to its popularity, the production created additional content such as ‘Learn with Sooty’ which was an educational TV series and it also featured in the children's magazine Playhour. The gang have also been on tour with special guest’s circus star Michael Jordan and Fantasie De La Nuit. The tour included Sooty's flying car, Soo's singing unicorn and, erm, Sweep's levitating sausage.

70 years on

Although the dynamic of the programme has changed through the years, 70 years on the Sooty Show is still just as popular. It is shown every morning on itvbe and it has even broken the world record for the longest running children’s TV series in the world! The programme has been passed down through generations and it will continue to do so, just hearing the phrase 'izzy wizzy lets get busy!' will bring back so many nostalgic memories for families. Richard and the gang are on Thrillz, so anytime you want you can get a personalised video from Sooty, Sweep and Soo!

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