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Thrillz and WatchMojo Announce Strategic Partnership
2 min read

Thrillz and WatchMojo Announce Strategic Partnership

2 min read
Naida AllenFeb 01, 2022

Celebrity video messaging platform Thrillz has launched an exclusive partnership with WatchMojo the global video producer, publisher and syndicator.

Every month millions of WatchMojo viewers will gain direct access to Thrillz and book video messages, live chats and even in-person meet and greets. 

Customer demand has exploded with fans booking Thrillz in their thousands and creating lucrative revenue streams for its impressive book of celebrity clients.

Thrillz announces strategic partnership with WatchMojo

Thrillz founder and CEO, Anjan Luthra, commented:

"Best in class distribution is key and with over 13 billion video views and 24 million subscribers, WatchMojo's reach is game-changing for Thrillz and our celebrity clients in accessing as many fans as possible.  

We are delighted to announce our partnership with WatchMojo and Ashkan who has supported our company as an early investor and has been an invaluable advisor and champion."


WatchMojo founder and CEO, Ashkan Karbasfrooshan, commented:

"Thrillz has built an impressive client book with over a thousand high-quality celebrities and we are delighted to partner with Anjan and his team and promote Thrillz to our global audience.

Today fans can be based anywhere in the world and demand for personalized access has never been higher."

Naida Allen
Naida AllenCopywriter
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