The perfect gift to enjoy from the comfort of your own home
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4 min read

The perfect gift to enjoy from the comfort of your own home

4 min read
Anjan LuthraSep 28, 2020

How often can you provide someone with an unforgettable experience from the comfort of your own home, or for them to enjoy from the comfort of theirs? Well with Thrillz' celebrity video messages you can do just that, and we have something for near enough everyone! All of our celebrities offer something completely different, whether it is a trip down nostalgia road, a spectacular live performance or something more personal, see what they can do for you.

Create Something Special

Celebrity video messages are suitable for just about any occasion, especially birthday's. It's likely that most of the presents you receive on your birthday are similar the majority of the time, because we each have our specific taste. With Thrillz you are creating something unique and giving that special someone a gift they will never forget. Who needs materialistic items or sweet stuff when you can have a personalised video from one of your heroes or telly favourite, right? As well as it being unique and special we have many categories of celebrity, so chances are you'll find a celebrity for most people.

Celebs are hard to get into contact with in day to to day life and, even if you could, chances are they wouldn't bother as they don't know you personally, which is fair enough. They've probably met their fair share of annoying fans that invade their space or give them hassle. As for social media, you can send messages of course but celebrities have busy lifestyles and can only respond to so many, if any at all. So why not do it through us. Our site offers an unrushed service, allowing you to choose what type of package deal you'd like and then what exactly you would like from the celebrity. They are happy to provide the video messages too as they know it is directed towards an adoring fan and they can have a bit of fun with it too. It's a nice experience for everyone.

It's a new and exciting way for fans and celebrities to personally communicate with no real barriers or animosity. The video can be whatever you want generally and can result in some rib-tickling videos and some very heartwarming ones too! It's all down to your request. Take Allie Sherlock for example, her performance packages are usually a few minutes long and she's done so many for her hoards of fans already. Including some extra special ones such as being involved in a proposal.

Making Your Video Messages

When deciding on creating your personalised video messages it is important to take great care and really make it as unique as you can. After all you have the opportunity to make something special! Fans rarely get the chance to speak to or receive something from their idols, so you may as well make that fan's video message something to remember.

The prices of our celebrity video messages range of course depending on the celebrity and what they decide on but in general they are very reasonable and affordable. You have the option to choose between a shout out package or a performance. A shout out is the shorter option and lasts up to 60 seconds. It can still be whatever you like but is more suitable for a greeting, a Q&A, congrats or birthday wishes. The performance package is 60+ seconds and is much better for creating an unforgettable experience for the recipient. Our purpose is to make people's wishes come true. To give someone that amazing feeling of meeting their hero for the first time. Make the most of it and give them that something extra! Make your video message request unique to the person it is for an the celebrity if possible.

Another option is to request for social media influence. The right person can reach your target audience, build trust, and drive engagement. Social media influencers are there to get your name out there and are beneficial for brands/business. It isn't our focus point by any means but it's good to have options. A celebrity video message doesn't always have to be directed towards someone on a special occasion.

What Makes Us Special

Our story is making stories for you. We bring in the hottest and freshest celebrities as well as golden oldies and legends in their field, and anything in between. The reason for it? To create everlasting memories and make fans' dreams come true. Our celebrities are all about personalisation as well, in case you didn't know already. They offer their fans the chance to ask anything. But more importantly it's for people to surprise their loved ones with some form of meaningful message or video from someone that means a lot to them. We have already made so many people over the moon and only hope to continue to do so as we add more stars to our line up. Say happy birthday, say congrats, say whatever you want, but whatever you do, say it with Thrillz celebrity video messages for a real experience.

Anjan Luthra
Anjan LuthraFounder & CEO
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