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Thrillz Business Explained in 2 Minutes
2 min read

Thrillz Business Explained in 2 Minutes

2 min read
Naida AllenFeb 03, 2022

This is the secret that will help you drive sales in 2022. Get the details about Thrillz Business and meet your goals this quarter.

Let’s keep this brief. No doubt you’ve got a million things to do today, and your attention span is probably waning as we speak. After reading, you can tick ‘business plan’ off your To-Do list!

What is Thrillz Business?

So you’ve heard of influencer marketing and brand endorsements, right? Well, now add a twist: celebrity endorsements. In a nutshell, Thrillz Business helps SMEs drive their sales and brand awareness through personalised video shout-outs from a celebrity. 

“How?” You ask. We match you with the most appropriate celebrity for your brand, who creates a video tailored to you. Then, you can share this with new clients, on your social feed or even in paid media campaigns. From Matt Le Tissier to Wayne Lineker and Kerry Katona, there’s a money-maker here for you.

Thrillz Business CTA.

“What’s the catch?” Nada! It’s a real-life celebrity endorsement, where you pay a one-off-fee, and cash out the prize. Simple. You can book multiple videos if you wish, and even arrange a virtual meet-and-greet for events. It’s a versatile and easy option that grants you quick results, instead of trying to master SEO…

Who can use it?

Short answer: anyone.

We’ve worked with clients from various industries, whether beauty or tech, big or small. Entrepreneurs and business owners in the early stages of their career will benefit hugely (especially if you’re a one-man band). 

Even mid-size businesses have seen value as they continue to grow and want to crush their competitors. Yep, there’s nothing like the seal of approval from a celebrity with a huge fan base to unnerve your rivals.

Daniel Wakeford5
Daniel WakefordSINGER/SONGWRITERBook Now
Kerry Katona4.3
Kerry KatonaSinger & TV PersonalityBook Now
Nigel Farage5
Nigel FarageFormer PoliticianBook Now
Mr Motivator5
Mr MotivatorFitness InstructorBook Now
Mary Fitzgerald5
Mary FitzgeraldNetflix - Selling SunsetBook Now
Paul Chuckle5
Paul ChuckleChuckle BrothersBook Now
Matt Dawson4
Matt DawsonEngland Rugby LegendBook Now
Montell Jordan5
Montell JordanThis Is How We Do ItBook Now

Larger companies love using Thrillz Business to engage with their employees, thank team members and prevent churn rate! (Employee turnover actually costs businesses roughly £30k...) This tool is affordable – tried and tested by us at Thrillz.

Why use Thrillz Business?

The list is endless, but here are three main reasons why using Thrillz Business is a great game plan

1. To increase brand credibility and awareness

2. Drive more traffic to your site

3. Boost your sales

Infographic Thrillz

Let’s say you own a bakery and you’re hungry for fresh customers. You’re looking to build a loyal fan base and sell out of buns. Imagine having the Great British Bake Off’s very own George Aristidou or Maggie shout out your business. It really is the golden nugget that can take your business from 0 to 100.

One last thing…

Take the leap and chat with one of our specialists so we can tell you more over a cuppa. What have you got to lose?

Naida Allen
Naida AllenCopywriter
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