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More in-depth tarot reading
This tarot reading will last over 10 minutes. Please be SPECIFIC ! ❤️
Tarot Reading
A 2-3minute tarot reading for your situation. Please be SPECIFIC ❤️

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October 2021
My latest reading was so dead on it was scary. Kyra had a problem with one of the cards. It disappeared but finally re-appeared. My person is a very private individual. He can come in-out of a room & you would never know it. He is a Gemini & he can be selfish when he is faced with a personal-emotional challenge or problem. He tends to runaway from his problems by shutting down emotionally. He just went back to work where he just retired. Work keeps his mind off his problems & away from the stress in his household & head. What hurts the most is that he has decided not to see or talk to me. I’m not better off w/out him even though he may think so. But I’ll have to find a way to move on. He is the love of my life & now I have to find a way to live without him. Thank you Kyra this reading gave me the clarity I needed. With tears & love ❤️ Gloria


September 2021
Thank you so much! This reading was not only enjoyable to watch but you expanded and clarified everything I was feeling/thinking. It eases my mind knowing that I’m not going crazy and there’s actually ‘something’ between us - say a soulmate connection, and that’s why I needed you to help me understand this! I loved your video! I hope you continue this for a long time xx

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Kyra is a tarot reader, with a viral following on Tiktok


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