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September 2021
I can not speak highly enough of Saibh. I ordered a video for my birthday while Saibh was away on holiday, I knew it was highly unlikely I would receive it on the day. Saibh was courteous enough to message me and wish me a happy birthday and let me know I would receive my video the next day. I asked for "All of Me" by John Legend and Saibh performed it in her usual impeccable way. Saibh, you made me so happy, you deserve every success that comes your way.


June 2021
5 Stars isnt enough :). Once again sensational perfomance. Thank you. Even better then on horzon TV. Espacially your facial expression... shaking head... cheeky smile... when singing this song in your private home lets everybody feel the words you sing... I love it. I am sure others will like this as well when you perform on stage. Im really a little bit excited and loolking forward to your next original

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About Saibh Skelly

Saibh Skelly is a singer, songwriter, and busker. Saibh has built up an impressive and loyal following from busking on Grafton Street in Dublin.


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